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Current Market

Ciudad Juárez

Juárez is the fastest growing city in México. Growth has been fueled by private sector job creation and the city's status as the epicenter for cross-border trade. Despite booming economic conditions, living conditions have improved very little.  This is due to the limitations of traditional construction methods that can neither address the extraordinary demand for housing nor the entry-level segments of the market. 

Ciudad Juárez, like many Mexican border cities, has very low levels of unemployment and large respected employers which make the poor living conditions more perplexing.  The challenge thus far has been building a house that is affordable for the poorest and largest market segments, which has been impossible until now with PFNC's innovative construction methods.

  • Population:  1.6 million (El Paso Redco Estimate)

  • Estimated Population Growth:  55,000 annually

  • Maquiladora Employment:  168,000

  • Average Maquiladora Hourly Compensation:  $2.03  (AMAC 2007)

  • Estimated Housing Shortage:  25,000 units


Population:  1.5 million



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